One of the great things about our independence is that we can advocate for our customers during the claims process. We can help to make sure:

  • Your claim is moving along in a timely fashion
  • Things that are supposed to be covered by the policy are being paid accordingly
  • Your adjuster is returning phone calls, emails, etc.

If you need help with your claim, please contact us.

However, the best way to start the claims process is by turning the claim into the company directly. This eliminates a game of “telephone” if we don’t ask all the questions that the company needs answers for.

Below is a list of telephone numbers, web sites and fax numbers for the companies where we place the majority of our customers.

Company (A-Z) Telephone Number(s) Alternate Method
Acuity (800) 242-7666 File Online
American Bankers (Flood) (800) 423-4403
American Modern (800) 375-2075 File Online
Barton Mutual Insurance (417) 843-6265
(that’s 877-262-2727)
File Online
Columbia Insurance (800) 877-3579 x1860
EMC Insurance (888) 362-2255 File Online
Foremost (800) 527-3905 File Online
Hartford It depends… More Info
Liberty Mutual (800) 362-0000 More Info
Meramec Valley (866) 690-8328
Missouri Employers Mutual (800) 442-0593 File Online

In cases with serious injuries, call.
Missouri Rural Services (800) 726-9304
(claims must be emailed or faxed)
Nationwide (800) 421-3535 File Online
Philadelphia (800) 765-9749 File Online
Progressive (800) 776-4737 File Online
Safeco (800) 332-3226 File Online
(Please call for auto claims)
State Auto 877-SA-CLAIM More Info
West Bend NSI (877) 922-5246 More Info

For other carriers, or if you need assistance in determining whether or not to file a claim, please call us at 636-931-1200. Liability and workers’ compensation claims should always be turned in.